“We’re Committed to the Patient and the Person”

PhilosophyOur philosophy is that superior outcomes are achieved through professional dialysis care, as well as a clear understanding of each patient’s lifestyle goals. We partner with each patient, to help them manage all aspects of their dialysis treatment, ensuring the best outcome and highest possible quality of life.

At South Shore Dialysis Center we understand that patients are facing a life-long commitment to dialysis…but we don’t believe dialysis is a life sentence. We get to know our patients and their families, and help guide them through the lifestyle changes that come with dialysis. All of us at South Shore Dialysis Center are committed to the patient and the person, providing quality of care and quality of life.

Our medical plans for each patient are driven by their individual lifestyle goals. For some of our patients it’s going to work, for other’s it’s spending more time with your family…it’s taking long walks with a spouse, playing with grandchildren or going out to dinner with friends. It’s taking a camping trip, or a long vacation to Hawaii. Or even running a marathon.

At South Shore Dialysis Center we don’t say it can’t be done…we show you how it can be done. Our staff is committed to helping you make the right lifestyle changes, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. We are focused on providing our dialysis patients with the two things that matter most, getting the best treatment and living your life to the fullest.