About Us

“South Shore Dialysis Center, a Leader in Patient Outcomes”

aboutKidney failure is a serious condition, and patients coming through our doors are facing a life-long commitment to dialysis. At South Shore Dialysis Center, we understand the impact that dialysis can have on your health, and on your life. We believe that dialysis goes beyond getting treatments three times a week. All of us at South Shore Dialysis Center are committed to the patient and the person, providing quality of care and quality of life. We offer our dialysis patients the two things that matter most, getting the best treatment and living your life to the fullest.

For nearly 30 years, South Shore Dialysis Center has had one priority – exceptional patient outcomes, through superior dialysis care. We understand all of the steps required to achieve these results, and recognize that dialysis patients can’t do it alone. We partner with each patient, to help them manage all aspects of their dialysis treatment, ensuring the best outcome and highest possible quality of life.

South Shore Dialysis Center combines state-of-the-art technology, with a highly experienced staff that is genuinely committed to total patient care…providing exceptional dialysis treatment, with as little interruption as possible to your daily routine. We specialize in personal attention; by providing the highest staff to patient ratios of any dialysis facility in the area, you will receive more attention and better care at South Shore. Our full-service dialysis facilities have provided treatment for thousands of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens County residents since 1983.