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Exceptional Patient Outcomes

“When Your Life Depends On It, Go With The Best”

patient-outcomesWhen patients come to South Shore Dialysis Center, we understand that they are putting their lives in our hands…and we take that responsibility very seriously. You are depending on us to do what your kidneys have failed to do. And that’s why our number one goal is to provide exceptional patient outcomes, through superior dialysis care.

Dialysis facilities can vary dramatically in the level of care they provide. What sets us apart at South Shore Dialysis Center is our results. Our quality indicators are consistently above the national averages, in all categories used to measure dialysis treatment and patient care. These include mortality and hospitalization, as well as transplant rates and infection control. Our centers adhere to the strictest Federal and New York State licensing requirements. South Shore Dialysis Center supports kidney transplantation, and we exceed the national averages for patients on the transplant waiting list.

Patients with kidney failure are facing a life-long commitment to dialysis, so choosing the right facility is critical. There are so many dialysis facilities available today, and not all of them provide the same levels of quality and service. Take the time to review independent research, from such credible sources as the Medicare Dialysis Facility Compare tool ( and the ProPublica Dialysis Facility Tracker ( The data on these sites will give you a better understanding of which facilities are providing the highest levels of care, and will arm you with information you should discuss with the dialysis staff and your doctor…before choosing a center that’s right for you.

The Quality Measure Results for South Shore Dialysis Center are among the best in the country, because we understand that providing superior care will impact how you feel and live every day.