Joseph Maggio

Joseph Maggio
Operations Manager, South Shore Dialysis Center

“Seeing the patients remain active and healthy reinforces my commitment to providing the highest quality of care possible.”


Joe Maggio has been affiliated with South Shore Dialysis Center for over 18 years, and offers our patients a combination of both healthcare and management experience. He currently serves as the Operations Manager, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of both facilities.

As the person responsible for the running of the two units, Joe is focused on providing all of our dialysis patients with the two things that matter most, quality of care and quality of life.  “My job is to make sure we’re providing the best treatment, and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.  I want all of our patients to be confident that when they come to South Shore Dialysis Center, their safety and comfort is our top priority at all times.”

Joe first joined South Shore Dialysis Center as a staff nurse in 1985.  He left in 1989, to become a Program Director for a national home dialysis company.  He returned to South Shore Dialysis Center as the Operations Manager in 2001, and has been with us ever since.  His background in dialysis treatment and operations gives Joe a unique perspective on the needs of our patients.  “I recognize the importance of not only providing optimal dialysis care, but how the little things we do at the facilities can mean so much to our patients.”

Joe wants all staff members at South Shore Dialysis Center to understand that patients are facing a life-long commitment to dialysis.  They need to be here three days a week, regardless or weather, logistics and even on days when they don’t feel like coming in.  Joe   takes pride in the fact that, no matter the circumstances, South Shore Dialysis is always ready to provide the best dialysis treatment. “Interacting with the patients and staff on a daily basis enables me to monitor the level of care given at South Shore Dialysis Center.  My job is to insure we’re here for our patients, offering care and support, at all times.”

Joe graduated from Barrington College, with a BA in Business Administration.  He became a Licensed Practical Nurse while serving in the United States Army as a member of the 1208th US Army Hospital.