Physician- Micky Chun

Micky Chun, M.D.

“Understanding why you’re here leads to a positive attitude, which translates into better outcomes and a better quality of life.”

chunDr. Micky Chun has been affiliated with South Shore Dialysis Center for over 10 years, and currently serves as one of the facility’s Attending Physicians.

Dr. Chun has been practicing medicine for more than 12 years, and believes that an educated patient has better outcomes and an improved quality of life. “I take the time to make sure my patients understand what kidney disease, and dialysis treatment, are all about. They need to be educated, so when they make choices about dialysis or a possible transplant, they are making informed decisions.”

Dr. Chun epitomizes our philosophy here at South Shore Dialysis Center, and is committed to providing quality of care and quality of life. He takes the time to understand each of his patient’s medical needs, and personal wants. “We recognize that dialysis can be stressful, and we have to show our patients that there’s more to life than dialysis. A positive attitude translates into better outcomes and a better quality of life.”

Dr. Chun’s belief that greater understanding improves outcomes is one of the reasons he focused on nephrology. “Nephrology is a complicated field, and this gave me an opportunity to help people, doctors and patients, to better understand the complexity of the disease. I want my patients to do more than be a passive participant in their disease; I want them to understand why they’re here and what’s happening to them. If they know what’s going on, and understand why they’re here, their time on dialysis will be more productive and enjoyable.”

Dr. Chun is a graduate of Duke University, and received his medical degree from the New York Medical College. He completed his internship, residency and completed his fellowship in Nephrology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. He has published papers on advanced treatment options for kidney disease.