Directors- Dr. Ralph Caselnova

Ralph Caselnova, M.D.

“I treat all of my patients as if they were a part of my family. I want to do what I can to make it easier for them.”

caselnovaDr. Ralph Caselnova was one of the original founders of South Shore Dialysis Center in 1983,  and currently serves as the firm’s Quality Assurance Director.

Dr. Caselnova has been practicing medicine for over 38 years, and what sets him apart is his bed side manner. His style is to be less formal, and he believes that a friendly, familiar, relationship with his patients leads to better treatment results. “I treat all of my patients as if they were a part of my family…that’s my specialty.”

What makes Dr. Caselnova successful is his constant dialogue with his patients and their families, and his ability to make them part of the process. “Keeping the lines of communication open absolutely contributes to better outcomes. It’s very important to keep my patients involved and informed. Dialysis patients have a lot of requirements – medicine, dietary restrictions, dialysis, and exercise – and it’s not enough to expect them to follow these instructions, just because I said so. When they understand why these guidelines are important, they’re more likely to comply.”

This focus on his patients is why Dr. Caselnova chose nephrology. Kidney patients require a lot of attention, and he felt that his knowledge of medicine and personal style would allow him to make a difference. That’s why Dr. Caselnova is widely recognized at South Shore Dialysis Center, by patients and staff, for his compassion. “I had a member of my family go through dialysis, and I know it’s a difficult transition. We have to appreciate what they’re going through, and do everything we can to make it easier for them.”

Dr. Caselnova is a graduate of Wagner College, and received his medical degree from the University of Bologna in Italy. He completed his internship and residency at Jamaica Medical Center, and completed his fellowship in Nephrology at Nassau County Medical Center.