Our Social Workers

“The Link Between Health and Family”

socialworkersBeing told you have kidney failure can be a traumatic, and life changing, event. At South Shore Dialysis Center, we understand the impact that dialysis can have on your health, and on your life. That’s why our staff also includes full-time social workers, who are focused on providing our dialysis patients with the two things that matter most, getting the best treatment and living your life to the fullest.

At many large dialysis chains, social workers are responsible for a patient’s insurance. The social workers at South Shore Dialysis Center are the conduit between the medical team and the family, and are passionate advocates for their patients. They take the time to get to know each patient, their families and their lifestyle goals, in order to provide the highest possible quality of care and quality of life.

The social workers at South Shore Dialysis Center have extensive experience in the area of dialysis, and understand what our patients are going through. Is a patient depressed? Are there issues at home? Why is a patient not taking his medication, or not staying on her diet? Our social workers become part of your family, and understand how these changes will impact your treatment and lifestyle goals.