Our Dieticians

“Eat, Drink & Be Healthy”

dieticianAchieving the best outcomes includes managing your diet. Kidneys regulate what goes into your body, by maintaining what the body needs and eliminating waste. This becomes a more delicate balance for patients on dialysis, as they need to limit the amount of fluids that get into the blood stream and need to be eliminated through dialysis.

At South Shore Dialysis Center we understand the importance of a proper diet, which is why our staff includes full-time dieticians. There are a number of items – beverages, fruits, vegetables and even medications – that have excess fluids. Our dieticians are here to help patients manage their diet, their fluid intake and their medications. They constantly review each patient’s blood values, and make the proper adjustments needed to achieve the best dialysis results.

The dieticians at South Shore Dialysis Center want every patient to achieve the best quality of care and quality of life, through a healthy diet. They aren’t here to tell you what you can’t eat…they are here to help you make the right choices. Our dieticians spend time with our patients and their families, to understand the foods they enjoy. They will then help you understand the foods you can eat, in the right amounts, and the ones you need to avoid. Our dieticians share recipes, provide cooking tips and suggest alternatives for foods you can’t eat. The goal is for every patient to find the right balance, a diet that leads to superior dialysis outcomes and allows you to eat as many of the foods you like.