Our Quality Assurance Team

“Working Together to Achieve Superior Results”

managementThe quality indicators for South Shore Dialysis Center are among the best in the country, because we understand that providing superior care will impact how you feel and live every day. We achieve these results through our multi-disciplinary approach, which goes beyond dialysis and focuses on total patient care. We feature a Quality Assurance Team (QAT), working together to ensure the quality of care and quality of life of every patient.

Most dialysis patients are also dealing with other health-related issues, which could impact dialysis performance. Our QAT conducts monthly reviews of all patients in order to manage all aspects of your treatment…from superior dialysis care, to proper diet and medication compliance, to changes in your personal life that could effect your treatment. The QAT is a community of professionals, comprised of Nephrologists, Administration, Registered Nurses, Registered Dieticians and Certified Social Workers, focused on the total well-being of each and every patient. We also encourage patients and their families to be a part of our QAT, and take an active role in decisions that will impact their treatment and lifestyle goals.